I, Zachary Fisher, am a young chef making my way through the ranks in New York City, the food capital of the world.  Currently I am working at Montmartre in Chelsea.  It is a Asian/French food restaurant part of the Little Wisco Group.  Other restaurants in this group are Joseph Leonards, Perla, Chez Sardine, and Fedora.   This is not my first restaurant job.  I started working in kitchens back in 2004 at Landmarc at the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle.  That was a great introduction to the world of kitchens.  Working there, I worked all the stations and learned a great deal.  After Landmarc it was time for a more refined food experience.   I got a job at Aquavit and there I really learned a great deal about seafood and how a refined and pricey restaurant operates.  There I worked with such ingredients as making our own Grovlox and Smoke Salmon to Foie Gras Ganache and Mackerel.   After Aquavit came Locanda Verde, one of Andrew Carmellini’s restaurants.  I would say, this is the place where I learned and grew the most as a chef.  Here I was responsible for order, production, and service of my station.  I learned a lot here and was responsible for the most out of every job I have had.  I spent a year and half at Locanda Verde, while at the same time got my culinary degree at the French Culinary Institute.   After Locanda, I wanted a change of scenery and decided to learn to make pizzas and pastas at ABC Kitchen.  This was a great experience and I really enjoyed the hands on experience making the dough and pizzas in a high volume restauarant.  I spent another year and half here.   After ABC, I got a few odd jobs here and there and finally ended up at Montmartre.  A new restaurant that was french/asian cuisine.  That I thoroughly enjoy because of the food, the people, and hours that I work. Even though I have a job in a restaurant I still love cooking at home whether it be italian, french, or asian cuisine.  I am always trying to expand my repertoire.    

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